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I think it’s time to kill for our women

Time to heal our women, be real to our women
And if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies
That will hate the ladies, that make the babies
And since a man can’t make one
He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one

Yes. Always.

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There’s an opposite to déjà vu. They call it jamais vu. It’s when you meet the same people or visit places, again and again, but each time is the first. Everybody is always a stranger. Nothing is ever familiar.
— Chuch Palahniuk

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Slapshock @ Fete de la Musique
23.06.12 B-Side View high resolution

Slapshock @ Fete de la Musique

23.06.12 B-Side

The less I needed, the better I felt.
— Charles Bukowski  (via thatkindofwoman)

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Life is about doing things that don’t suck with people who don’t suck.
— John Green (via loveyourchaos)

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"Fell for him, didn’t you?"
"Like a suicide off a bridge." View high resolution

"Fell for him, didn’t you?"

"Like a suicide off a bridge."

  • romeo: hey i just met you.
  • romeo: and this is crazy.
  • romeo: but i saw you at your dad's party that i wasn't supposed to attend and i thought you were pretty cute so i followed you and we kissed but then your nanny called you away and i found out you were a capulet and got bummed so i sneaked into your back yard in the middle of the night and climbed your balcony uninvited to profess my undying love after an hour even though i wanted to bone rosaline like two scenes ago.
  • romeo: so marry me maybe.
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